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Harry Potter Plot bunny

Hello. I woke up one morning with this little gem of a plot bunny in my head. I want to spend the rest of my days working on it, unfortunately with class, upcoming graduation and the other 50 fic ideas that are waiting to be started, I know I’ll never actually write it. However, this is a fic that needs to be written, so I am tearfully giving it up for adoption. Please look at this and find it a good home.

Lord Voldemort vs. Top Riddle Plot Bunny
Fandom: Harry Potter

- First and foremost, Albus is “evil” and rally wants complete control, therefore he is really Lord Voldemort and has just been using a sweet but confused and slightly mentally unstable Tom Riddle as a cover (figurehead).
- Any time Voldemort is seen plotting/planning/participating in tortures and revels, it is really Albus using various illusion charms.
- Any time Albus is somewhere else and Voldemort is mainly shown brooding, it is Tom who is being somehow controlled by Albus (your choice on how, i.e. spells, potion, mind control, ect…)
- All of the major parts of Harry/Voldemort’s past were staged by Albus (you decide how). He had to kill Lily and James and mark Harry (although Voldemort was obviously not really hurt) and then lay low in order to make Harry the “Child of the prophesy.” Most of the happenings in the books were planned by Albus to foster Harry’s hatred of Voldemort and strengthen his love/devotion/trust for Albus while making him the perfect tool (for what is your choice).
- This story would also contain a romantic Severus/Tom pairing. When Severus first joined the Death Eaters, he was impressed by Voldemort but fell for his “softer side” that only he saw (which was the real Tom when Albus was away). They became gentle lovers and Tom gave Severus the love he needed. Albus found this out and fearing that Severus would learn the truth, took the appearance of Tom and raped and beat Severus, causing the man to agree to be Albus’ spy.
- Severus never knew that Tom (what he always called his lover before the “rape”) was not responsible and that he was actually carrying Severus’ child (yes, we have mpreg), a boy who Albus gave to the Potters to start the prophesy. (Yes, Harry potter is actually Severus and Tom’s son. This is how he really is a parstlemouth. He got it from his “mother,” Tom).

Other things:
- I personally love angst as long as the end is somewhat happy.
- I’d love a scene where someone (Harry, Severus, Remus, ect…) learns part of the truth by stumbling upon Voldemort beating/torturing Tom.
- I’d like to see you plausibly get Severus and Tom back together once the truth comes out and have the three of them be a happy family.

Final Note and Death Threat:
This plot is my baby. I have agonized over putting it up for adoption. If you do not raise it well and ruin it with shameless PWP, I will tie you up and torture you with Unforgivables for days.
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