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I work, I function like i'm a girl.

i just joined.
about a week ago, i couldn't sleep, so i listened to music.
that is normal.
but that night, as i listened to the music, many plotbunnies were born, inspired by the songs.
im a new fan of stargate and it's been my main fandom/obsession for the last 2 months (like i said,im a new fan

Well, there's two of Stargate:Atlantis, and is shep/weir, all the rest are SG1 and sam/jack.

#1 "Goodbye to You" S/J. Sam leaves the SGC for good. it's time to move on with her life.

#2 "phobic" S/J angstfest. watching from afar.

#3 "save your kisses for me" S/J. 'promise me you'll wait' sam and jack have a talk after sam breaks up with pete.

#4 "Hold me" S/W. John turns to Elizabeth for comfort after a terrible loss. post the siege (sort of)

#5 "the places you have come to fear the most" is also the place you call home.

there's the sg1 version and the atlantis one.

#SG1 - Sam returns to the SGC after a forced vacation. two options why a)fallout with Jack
b)miscarriage. (jack's baby)

#Atlantis - Elizabeth returns to Atlantis after spending some time in Earth. In Earth, she faced Simon. In Atlantis, she must face John.

#6 "Lost and Found" sam angst. post-lost city

#7 "Broken" two versions. #A- Jack's POV to 'Goodbye to you' #B - Jack and Sam are separated. 'is better to watch and not touch that to not being able to watch at all'

this are just the most basic ideas, no development.
id like to write them but i really can't now.

so i'd be happy to see them addopted

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