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First post, first post!

Hey, I'm Reba, a mod of the community, and as I write this I'm the only one who's joined. No matter. If anyone does join, feel free to make a post introducing yourself! Tell us what fandoms you like, what sort of plot bunnies you're into!

OK, my turn.

I'm Reba, and my first ever fandom was Star Wars. I was a huge Rogue Squadron ho, read the books, but not all the comics, because I was like 13 at the time and had no money. My OTP regarding Rogue Squadron was Tycho Celchu/Winter--I still think of them from time to time, but I left that pairing because there were what, three fics out there that dealt with it? So, out of necessity for RS fics, I got into slash.

But eventually I stopped reading Star Wars books--entirely different story, that--and got into Lord of the Rings. Faramir all the way, ten million percent. I mean, who's this Aragorn guy that people keep talking about? Pssht, overrated if you ask me. I tend to get into a fandom and stick rabidly to one pairing, and my pairing for LOTR was Faramir/Eowyn.

I was hoping that once the EE came out there would be more Faramir/Eowyn fic out there, but there still isn't a whole lot. When I get into a pairing, I love for there to be lotslotslots of fic, so it makes sense that I got into Remus/Sirius from Harry Potter next. I'd read the books before, but was never part of the online fandom, 'cause it kinda scared me. But then one day I decided--I am going to read HP fic, dammit! And from that point on I've read pretty much any HP Remus/Sirius I can get my hands on.

Sooooo, those are my three main fandoms. I'm kinda tempted to get into reading some good Good Omens fanfic--it's an awesomely funny book about the apocalypse by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, it's really great. So, I will salivate over any plot bunnies in those pairings/fandoms, but most anything is welcome (I can't think of anything right now that should be banned, really).

And, as you can probably tell, I can get really wordy. Sorry 'bout that. :)
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