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Adopt a Plot Bunny

Plot Bunny Repository, for fun and profit

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Inspired by housebunnies, this comm is devoted to the sharing of plot bunnies. *sigh*, plot bunnies. Whether good or evil, they're a part of fandom, and they like to be tossed around from person to person (like a wiffle ball. They also like artichokes. But that's neither here nor there). In short, this community is meant for people to post ideas for plot bunnies that they have no time to write. Any fandom, any pairing, slash, het, RPS, whatever. Open to all. And if you want to write something but have no inspiration, you can post asking if someone has a plot bunny of a particular type that they'd be willing to donate!

I'm going to hold off on having a format for submitting plot bunnies at first, but when you submit a plot bunny it goes without saying that you need to include what fandom(s), if there are any pairings, and any other details that are necessary or any words or ideas that you want included.

Mods are great_stoneface and brodeurbunny30, if you have any questions, please contact us! Yippee!